Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Newer Mobile & Social Media Traffic Sources to Check Out

As a media buyer and overall performance marketing enthusiast, I'm always interested in the next "big" thing and keep my eyes and ears open to traffic sources and ideas that can produce money for me, my company, or you - our partners.  Although I haven't tested these new sources out yet, I thought I'd pass them on to you so that if you get to them first, or have tested them already, you can provide some feedback that we can leverage and learn from as a private community. 

The first category to highlight are mobile traffic sources.  Of course most of us already use Google, Admob, Mojiva, Adfonic and more, but have you heard of these?  I haven't.  So, assuming they haven't been inundated yet, using newer unknown networks can lower your traffic costs thereby increasing your volume and profitability.

- MobFox.com:SELF SERVICE for performance marketers.  In addition to a ads that can be targeted quite well, they just launched MobFox:vAd (beta).  This is a new ad format that allows you to show Premium Interstitials and Video Ads on iOS and Android. Cool, huh?

- MKMob.com: SELF SERVICE; Great targeting capabilities; geographically, by keywords, manufacturers or device; capping allowed; global reach.  It's easy to get started and they have a low minimum funding amount to start.

- HuntmAds.com; NOT SELF SERVICE (as far as I can tell)  Noted as the leading mobile network for Latin America.  A great place to begin marketing Hispanic offers.  Get an account manager and give it a try.  Media kit online for campaign and creative requirements.

Next, social media.  Most of us have tried Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Plenty of Fish.  Pintrest.com is growing and shows promise and then there are 15 million (LOL) others I could go on to share with you.  But have you ever heard of Staree.com? I never had until our long time affiliate and well known internet marketing guru Zac Johnson (zacjohnson.com) presented it on his website (http://zacjohnson.com/?s=staree) and at a local conference recently.

Endorsed by Mario Lopez, EXTRA host and TV personality and owned by IZEA, a huge social media company, Staree links to favorite social media accounts with a click of a button and claims to make you money from photos and videos shared withing the community. Since May 17th they've had over 1.1 million visits. So, have you tried this yet?  Is it for real? How much money are you making? What kind of campaigns work here? Is this the next "big" thing?

Finally, what offers work best on these new sources?  Take a look below at what REXTOPIA & REXCONNECTS has added over the last week or two.  In an effort to drive quality traffic to our lead buyers, I encourage you to explore new sources and new ways to increase conversion rates and profitability.  Should you need support to take the next step, let us know.  We would love to help you and share our results as we explore this ever changing and growing world of traffic sources.